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1、Products rely on its own gravity to keep moving forward on the roller track, and ensure full display surface., 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.
2、Roller shelf is a shelf ready sheet that can be installed directly on to the shelf fixture. It can be supplied as individual tracks or assembled sheets of any size and is easy to transport and install.
3、It reduces the time to keep the shelf in order and labor costs in the store.


1.This product needs to be at a 4-6 degree tilt to achieve the sliding function.
2.Different trademark drawings can be made on the acrylic sheet
3.Can be used in frozen equipment and room temperature equipment.
4.This is a customized product that can be customized in size and color.

One row Width=50mm
One row Depth=200mm-1500mm
Full sheet = W(0.05m^N) * D(0.2m—1.5m)

Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Brand Name: OFL
Material: Hips,ABS,Acrylic,Steel metal
Roller Track Size: 60mm 50mm or customized
Divider Height: 50mm 70mm 90mm or customized
Front Acrylic Board Height: 50mm 70mm 90mm or customized
Color: Black Grey or customized
Function: Automatic tallyingStyte: Shelf Management System/Automatic Shelving system
Certificate: NSF/CE/ROHS
Feature: Widely used in retail for dairy products beverages and milks etc.
Application: Supermarket C-store and Retail Shelves Display

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