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In the era of the supremacy of beauty, how brand + super display can take advantage of the trend


In many courses, well-known brand marketers have said that the brand personality needs to achieve three, personal,
ideological and visual. We're going to focus on visualization today.
For most brands, it mainly includes two parts: Strategy and vision,
in which strategy is the embodiment of positioning, vision is the embodiment of personality,
the two have their own division of labor.
The right-brain-driven era of the mind, in fact,
is the era of emotional consumption,
in fact, is also the era of visual competition.
So what is our greatest ambition in this day and age?
It's about wanting your brand to stand out from the rest, like the Red Pencil in the picture below.

But that's usually the case.


The traditional shelves are laid out at will

Consumers can not be exposed to a brand in a vacuum,
so every brand, into the customer's attention will be a lot of interference,
this interference mainly from the brand's competitors and lack of display.

So you want to be in the dazzling array of brands stand out,
no original display is not.

 It is generally believed that:
display visual weak, the brand is weak.

There are a lot of domestic brands, which had a good period of time, but have fallen behind,
the main reason is the right brain in the world behind.

 But vision is not only recognition, but also the aesthetic connotation of the whole.
If your brand doesn't fit the popular aesthetic, you may fall behind.

Take Wahaha and nongfu spring.

The WAHAHA packaging is obviously colorful;
the farmer's Spring Design is simple and clear.

We will see that these two brands developed together from the traditional economic era,
on the level of brand vision and brand personality building,
nongfu spring has gone far ahead of Wahaha,
this is borne out by market performance.



Rack with self-weight Chute

This change in the face value of the beverage fast-selling industry is particularly significant,
who took the lead in making the changes... ,
such as the National High-speed Service Area Convenience store NO1 sinopec easy convenience store,
the local convenience store the number of the best, foreign Brands 7-11, whole family, Rawson and so on,
through the initiative to improve the purchase experience to seek a breakthrough,
in the display of goods many years ago with Auveron's self-weight slideway shelves to transform the traditional shelf,
we will find the shelf aesthetic, is the introduction of super display for orderly classification,
reflecting a new sense of science and technology.


Well-organized shelves

Why should we emphasize the super display?
Because beauty affects mood, mood affects consumption. In this era of emotional consumption,
customers'purchasing decisions are transferred from the left brain to the right brain.
In this case, the influence of super display aesthetics on consumption is enormous.

Times have changed, and the aesthetic standards of consumers have improved.
In this case, branding and display methods have not changed in time,
it will be difficult in the future, so we have to go after the vivid Red Pencil.



Comparison between self-weight slipway shelf and traditional shelf

Super Display is: The use of self-weight slide shelf, the renovation of traditional shelves do not have the automatic tally function,
slide only need to adjust the tilt 3-5 ° angle, with the help of the gravity of the goods to use the self-sliding ball,
without any external driving force, with the Front Baffle,
dividing iron line, goods can be automatically pushed to the front,
so that the shelf is in full order at all times.
If you look at this picture, you should be familiar with it.


In coca-cola's visual propaganda, everywhere can see this ribbon, this ribbon auxiliary graphics,
is a patent graphics heritage for decades, it is in a way also in the endorsement of coca-cola.

The super display and shopping experience isn't just a memory, it's a personality.
In other words, the super display must be able to reflect the personality of the brand.

After the introduction, we'll move on to the pictures.

The packaging of Nuong Fu Shan Quan's vitamin drink is pleasing to the eye. Once you accept this packaging style,
the Wahaha packaging I showed you earlier is difficult to accept.
All of the above shows that in the age of the mind, super vision requires not only memory,
personality, but also aesthetics. Super Display is an extension of the definition of brand vision.
So what brands will lead the trend in the long run?
In theory, anything that comes into contact with the consumer can be.
For example, Bright Logo, auxiliary graphics, Standard Colors, product modeling,
product packaging, advertising images and super display props...
can determine a brand lasting magic weapon.

Before we define Super Vision, let's look at a few images.

This is super vision, because when people see the Eiffel Tower,
they can't help but think of France and Paris.

And the leaning Tower of Pisa. In Europe,
there are many towers similar to the leaning Tower of Pisa,
but why does it become the super visual symbol of Italy?
Because it's a leaning tower.


And one brand has a very special packaging.

This is the visual design of an energy drink, Monster Talon, which is also one of overland's clients.
Its design is the mark of three talons, reflecting the brand's ersonality,
a kind of anti-traditional feeling.
In the display is very important to introduce new elements to
let the product initiative and Customer Communication and interaction.


The standard double chute displays the goods for sale

In the era of face value, the good times are gone forever. When customers decide who to buy and not to buy,
the super display is often decisive. At present,
the weaknesses that many brand merchants do not consider can easily cause the brand to have a good tone,
but the customers are "robbed" when they come to the door. In the future,
who pays more attention to the display experience and integrates the super display into the brand building elements,
can the brand and sales complement each other,
continue to share more incremental markets,
and take advantage of the trend.